All you need to know about road bikes

Bicycles, we know them, we love them but few learn how to ride them. The history of bicycles actually has links to the famous Leonardo Da Vinci, whose sketches could not be verified but had an influence on the production. The idea of creating movement from a circular wheel was a discussion that began then. Da Vinci was from of the 16th century and it was not until the 19th century that we saw the Velocipede, created by Karl von Drais considered the grandfather of the modern bicycle.

Then came the “Dandy Horse” and 40 years later a french man Pierre Michaux and Pierre Lallemen attached pedals to the front wheel and the seat to the middle bar. According to, in the 60s and 70s modern era of bicycles I started, when a lot of people realized they are very useful for exercising and transport. Since then, the number of bicycles started to increase, especially in 1975 when more than 17 million people started to use new versions of them which were much lighter and cheaper. Today, there are a lot of people looking for the best road bikes.

Road bikes and exercising

Road bikes are now used for a sport that is both controversial and lucrative.  The best road bikes could not be determined if there were not a goal in mind for the consumer. The Tour de France where the winner pocketed £500,000 has seen the interest and desire to manufacture the best road bikes.

Tour de France is not just one of the oldest cycling races, it is one of the oldest sports competitions in general, which is present still. Since the first race in 1903, it has gained such popularity which only football can have.

From the beginning, Tour de France attracted not only the best cyclists but also the adventurers who wanted to try something that all Europe had been talking about. At that time of the first race, the competition did not look glamorous because of the bad roads and heavy parts, but it was a magnet for the fans, which were helping to their favorites with all the permissible and forbidden means. The competition leader always wears yellow t shirt.

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Top Brands

Some of the top brands include:

Currently the number one manufacturer of the best road bikes Pinarello.

The second and also very popular is “Specialized”, and there are others like Bianchi Bicycles, Colnago, Cervelo, Cannadole Bicycle corporation, etc.

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