Best basketball shoes you can buy

Basketball is the competition that came into existence from a Physical Education class by a James Naismith in 1831 as a 9 v 9 match. The sport we know today is played 5 v 5 with a lot of rules improved from initial 13 rules set by the Canadian Naismith.

Tinker Hatfield

The man, the legend the artist that was integral in the creation of the “Air Jordan”. Tinker Hatfield was a trained Architect, who started out as an athlete who was awarded a full scholarship to the University of Oregon. At the University of Oregon Tinker met one of his most instrumental mentors Bill Bowerman.

Bill was a track coach but disliked being referred to as ” coach” and preferred to be called by his name or ” instructor of competitive response”. For a developing athlete no greater influence could be than proper guidance. Tinker had to bow out of competition when he seriously damaged his leg during pole vaulting. Tinker took up design after his life of an athlete seemed to be coming to a close. Tinker entered a design competition hosted by NIKE which he won and subsequently employed as a designer at NIKE.  Tinker is now The Vice President for design at NIKE. Tinker never set out to design the best basketball shoes but being an athlete tinker focused on making a shoe that was adaptive. This was the premise behind the first Air Jordan which could be considered the best basketball shoe of all time.

Jordan and Nike

While working at NIKE the CEO decided that they need to have Tinker meet with a future legend of the sport to develop a shoe. Tinker was given a very short deadline and parameters that seemed unfavorable to create the best basketball shoes, by a stroke of luck, things worked out. Tinker made a presentation with a red and black shoe with a panther on it, the client Michael Jordan was sold. After the presentation Jordan asked Tinker how did you know that my friends called me Black Panther? Thus, began production of one the best basketball shoes

The best basketball shoes for 2018 include ; Nike Hyperdunk, Addidas crazy explosive, Nike Kevin Durrant 10, Addidas Derrick Rose, Nike Lebron XV, Under Armour Curry 4 are among the top brands and models for basketball players out there. The design world of basketball shoes is continuously changing still.


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