Best socks for cycling

When did we start wearing socks and why? Before we talk about best socks for cycling let’s recall the story of how socks came into existence. Credit to that provided a brief history of socks.


Going back to the Stone Age, the prototypical “socks” worn by our cave-dwelling ancestors were likely animal skins tied around their ankles. By the 8th century B.C., the Greeks were wearing socks made from matted animal hairs and were called piloi. The Romans wrapped their feet in strips of leather or woven fabric, and by the 2nd century A.D. were wearing undoes, which were sewn from woven fabric and pulled over the foot. The earliest known knit socks have been discovered in Coptic Egyptian tombs dating from the 3rd-6th centuries A.D. By 1000 AD, woven and knit socks had become a status symbol of the nobility throughout much of Europe. Known as leggings, it wasn’t until the 12th century that feet were added to them.

What we know today as socks never started out as such, men wore what were considered “hoes” or leggings from as early as the 1500 which had flair ends but only went to cover the ankles. Hoes were a thing of show and nobility as the men of the time wore garments that exposed their legs up to the thigh.

As the garments got longer socks got shorter, now we are faced with a new problem of choosing from all the colorful selections from retailers.

Socks today and socks for the occasion

Best socks for cycling are made in different fabric and strength. Some of the top brands include; swiftwick, Defeet international, Pearl Izumi, sock guy. Best socks for cycling have sub categories with which to distinguish them; Racing socks, Wool cycling socks, compression cycling socks.

Not all design has their emphasis on style because racing socks prioritizes performance over style to justify a higher price tag of course. Wool cycling socks would prioritize keeping heat in and are the best socks for cycling during the winter months. Compression socks would be the final sub category these best socks for cycling are labeled differently no sizes of small large or medium but listing the diameter in millimeters. Compression socks may not roll down but there may be circulation issues if the socks are too tight. So, all in all it is up to the user to try and fit.

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